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Principal's Message

Bal Bharatiya English School has always tried to differentiate itself from run of the mill mainstream schools. It is common knowledge that education has become excessively commercialised requiring huge investment & brandings. We believe in alternative schooling. A lot can be achieved by giving primacy to the student as a learner as well as a unique person. We believe in increasing the confidence of students so that they learn to believe in themselves. Gradually they can discover their potentials their abilities their interest and their skills.
Self discovery is more important than motivation, although motivation too has its importance. We do not believe in preaching. We encourage students to be self learners focusing more on their areas of interest, their needs and things that arouse their curiosity.
We have facilities like a good library, high speed internet access, Wi-Fi across the entire campus, an advanced computer lab, tablet PC library from which tablets can be easily used any where on the campus to enhance self learning, a career programme for students from 7th standard onwards to discover their potentialities and systematically plan their career, a learning process that encourages rational thinking, analysis, research and application of how to connect their learning to nature and society ,group learning by students and presentations delivered before an audience. We encourage healthy discussions & debates as an important means of learning and betterment backed by research and logical thinking.
We encourage the students to give back to the society and live in harmony with nature. We also seek maximum cooperation from parents to jointly nuture and develop them as responsible independent citizens.

B.R Mehdi Bakht